Wednesday, January 27, 2010

North American International Auto Show

A group from the Ferris College of Engineering Technology School of Automotive and Heavy Equipment went to the Auto Show last week to inform students about career opportunities in the Automotive Field. The two Ferris employees were Mr. English and Mr. Collins, the two students that came along to help were John Bauer and Evan Jones. Wednesday at the Auto Show was Automotive Career Day where over 5000 high school students are brought to the show from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Canada.
The students were very good at generating interest in Ferris and answering the questions of the high school students. In the afternoon we were able to take some time to see the show. John was especially interested in the smart cars, he nearly had to purchase one when removing himself from it became a challenge. All in all it was a great opportunity to represent Ferris and introduce our programs to many students who had never heard of us.